Pescatore Winery has spent a good deal of time matching appropriate cooperage to our grape varietals.  Oak is an important component in the wine making process and barrel choice is important.  We have used a variety of different barrels and continue to experiment in our strive to have a better, more complex wine each year.

Syrah -  At this time we have settled on American Oak from World Cooperage for our Syrah, using a medium toast  so as not to overpower the fruit flavors of the grape.

Petite Sirah -  After some experimentation with American, French, and Hungarian Oak, we have found the Hungarian oak from eastern europe enhances the rich flavors of the Petite Sirah, and have since 2005 have moved our Petite into these barrels with a medium toast.

Barbera -  This nice fruit forward italian grape has such nice cherry flavors it is important to not overpower the wine with the cooperage.  We have settled on a hybrid barrel from World Cooperage.  This barrel, with a medium toast, has american oak staves and french oak heads.

Zinfandel -  Our Zinfandel is done in American Oak from World Cooperage with a medium plus toast.  The extra toast matches up well with the spice and pepper nuances of the foothill zin.  The 2007 will also be a trial run using the hybrid french/american oak.